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  1. Glass Repair
    Glass repair is the service that we've been offering for many years.Our windsheld chip repair repair job is fast and precise.
  2. Glass Replacement
    Sometimes, repair won't work at all. In this case, a total windshield replacement or door glass replacement will make the difference. Thank goodness we specialize in these type of replacements!
  3. Scratch Removal
    Even if your car has a simple scratch, you better take care of it. Here at Bob's Auto Glass, we can remove all kinds of scratches that have affected your car.
  4. Door Parts Installation
    We can also repair and install different door parts like regulators, door motors, lock actuators, and many more. Simply tell us what parts you need and we'll provide assistance.
  5. Vehicles Serviced
    Boats, Cars, Buses, Trucks, Semi’s, Heavy Equipment, Tractor Trailers, RV’s, Utility Vehicles, and Golf Carts.
  6. Custom Glass
    Table Tops, Tempered Glass, Laminated Glass, Plexy Glass (Plexiglas), Mirrors